Equi-stream: Video training for dressage and ground work

Equi-stream video training is a system that enables trainers and riders to train using video over Internet. Video is transmitted from a camera mounted in the school, over the Internet, and to the trainer's PC. The rider carries a two-way headset allowing her to communicate with the trainer. Video and audio is instant, normally one will not notice any delay. Thus, rider and trainer will experience a "normal training", as if the trainer was really in the school!

With Equi-stream, there is no need for a camera man in the school, as camera direction (pan and tilt) and zoom can be controlled remotely. The trainer controls the camera by using a joystick, to keep the horse and rider perfectly framed.

Equi-stream has been tested for some time by professional trainers, and the feedback has been convincing

  • Trainers are able to handle the equipment, including controlling the camera, after just minutes of practice
  • Trainers report that they quickly get "into" training, so that they are able to give a good lesson
  • Riders report that video lessons work "as if the trainer was there" due to high quality audio and precise feedback from the trainer

How does it work?

Equi-stream consists of the following components

  • An installation in a school including a camera, a PC with Equi-stream software installed, and a head-set. Equi-stream depends on an Internet connection in or close to the school. Lividi AS delivers all necessary equipment, and handles the installation.
  • A trainer-kit includes a PC with Equi-stream software installed, and a joystick. Lividi offers trainer kits by rent. A trainer kit can connect to any Equi-stream installation in any school. The trainer kit depends on an Internet connection to connect to Equi-stream.
  • When Equi-stream is in use, a video and audio link is set up between the school and the trainer through Lividi's Equi-stream servers.
Equi-stream can be used between any trainer and any school! When Equi-stream has been installed in a school, any trainer equipped with an Equi-stream Trainer's kit can connect to the system. Likewise, a trainer equipped with Equi-stream can to any school where Equi-stream has been installed.

Requirements for the school

In principle, any school can be used for Equi-stream video training. As our cameras is resistant to cold and moisture, Equi-stream can even be used in uninsulated schools. As a minimum, power and an Internet connection (see below) is available in or close to the school. The school must have normal indoor school lighting.

Internet connection in the school

Equi-stream depends on an Internet connection of a certain capacity to be available in the school. Equi-stream may work with a normal ADSL connection. However, the higher capacity, the higher video quality can be achieved. If a suitable Internet connection is not available, Lividi can assist in selecting an Internet subscription. 

Internet connection for the trainer kit

Equi-stream also depends on the trainer kit to be connected to the Internet. A normal broadband connection, such as an ADSL connection, is normally sufficient. 

Technical specification

See the Equi-stream data sheet for technical specification of the school installation.