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16.04.2012 Paul Fielder gives the first international Equi-stream lesson!

On Monday 16th of April, international dressage trainer Paul Fielder gave the first international Equi-stream lesson. From his home in Norwich, England, he connected to our demonstration site at Hosle gård outside Oslo, Norway, and he assisted international dressage rider Camilla Kalseth and her outstanding Grand Prix horse Carte D'Or.

Camilla Kalseth and Carte D'Or
Screen-shot of Camilla and Carte D'Or

Using Equi-stream, Paul helped Camilla to improve the balance and straightness of her horse through several of the Grand Prix movements, and Camilla was very positive about her experience.

The team in Lividi thank Paul and Camilla for testing our system in "real world conditions", and between countries. We are very pleased to see that several years of development has lead to a product that works in practice, and that can help real people with real problems.

Paul Fielder can be contacted for questions about his experience with Equi-stream on his email