Equi-stream (English)

Spend Time Training, Not Travelling!

Equi-stream is the first product of professional quality providing live video training over the Internet for use within the equestrian disciplines.

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With Equi-stream, video is recorded in the riders school with one or several cameras, and transferred over the Internet to the trainer, with high quality pictures and no noticeable delay. To be able to communicate with the trainer, the rider wears a headset which transfers audio between the rider and the trainer. The trainer controls the camera remotely with a joystick, and there is no need for a camera man.

If Time Matters, Spend It On Training

Tired of travelling? Equi-stream provides live video training over the Internet as a supplement to riders and trainers that otherwise would have to spend much more time and effort on travelling to each other's locations, than on actual training! When the Equi-stream Riders Kit has been installed in the rider's indoor school, simply connect the Equi-stream Trainer's Kit to the Internet, and start training.

Better View, Better Training

The Internet is an difficult environment for real-time video to pass through. On the Internet, we have no guarantees that every picture we send will appear in time. With live video, the video frames must arrive on the receivers PC just a fraction of a second after it was sent!

The underlying unique Lividi technology combined with next-generation video processing techniques, ensure that the Equi-stream system provides high quality video really fast, even with moderate bandwidth capacity. Combined with a high resolution camera with optical zoom, the trainer may zoom in on details (such as the riders hands, legs, and seat, and the horse's mouth). If several cameras are used, the camera position can be changed on the fly, to see the horse and rider from different angles.

Equi-stream Brings Contiguity To Your Training

  • Have more frequent trainings
  • Ensure steady progress throughout the year
  • Work on sudden and unexpected problems when they turn up, not weeks later
  • Have better results - with Equi-stream!

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